LaConner Washington Engagement

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engaged couple at a cafe in LaConner Washington cuddle close outside

Nature photo of stick with moss on it Seattle Engagement Photographycandid photo of a young couple laughing during engagement photo shoot in LaConner Washington Seattle Engagement PhotographyI’ve attended my fair share of weddings, my favorite movie genre is “chick-flick,” I get excited any and every time I see someone change their relationship status to “in a relationship” or even better, “engaged.” What can I say? I love love! Our lives are crazy and there is just so much negativity and stress that happens in our daily routine that the happily ever afters are needed to balance everything out. I mean, who doesn’t love a good love story? And the awesome part of it is that everybody’s love story is unique. I adore asking couples their own stories! Hearing how they met and how they became a couple is sometimes a comedy, sometimes it seems like fate, and other times they’re two completely opposite people who have just the right things in common for a perfect mix. Sometimes they’ve only been dating for a few months, sometimes they’ve been married for 50 years!Couple hugging while she shows off her ring, both smiling at the camera Seattle Engagement Photography
We walk around, in our own little bubbles, and we forget to notice just how beautiful life can be, how happy we can be, how much fun we can have! We often get tied up in our own routines that we don’t even notice just how happy we are together.
Looking at couples through my viewfinder, I see them from an outside perspective. I get to adore and “Awww!” at just how obviously in love the two of them are. It makes me melt!

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