Lifestyle Newborn Photos in Seattle Washington

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close crop detail photo of pink and white patterned burp rags
A story told through lifestyle newborn photos

It really is amazing how quickly life changes when you have a baby. Suddenly the focus of your entire world shifts to that new little girl or boy and you’re so in love you feel like your heart is going to burst. Newborn baby sucking on her hand laying on a light sheet with pink flowers. newborn photosParents snuggle close holding their newborn baby girl while they sit on the floor in her nursery for lifestyle newborn photosWhen I first photographed the Bezzant, baby Emma was still waiting to make her grand entrance into this crazy world. Her parents were nervous, but excited. I told them, “Don’t worry, being a parent is the most amazing feeling in the world, you will love it!” I could tell I was right as soon as I began taking their newborn photos.

Overwhelmed with joy

Cassie and Garrett are such a sweet couple and were excited when we were shooting their maternity photos 2 weeks prior. But when I arrived in their home to photograph them with their beautiful new baby, the amount of love and joy that surrounded them and Emma felt like a gust of wind hit me, it was so strong! There was no mistaking that she is their whole world now and that they are loving every minute they get to spend being her parents.

close cropped detail photo of wall artwork with the name "Emma" on separate letter canvas's to add detail to newborn photos albumclose cropped detail photo of several pacifiers in a pink bowl to add details to newborn photos

Capturing the sweet details

When I arrived to begin this lifestyle newborn photos session, Cassie was feeding Emma. So I began taking photos in her nursery. No matter what type of session I’m photographing, I always include details. We become so focused on making sure we get the right photos of our loved ones, we so often forget about the sweet details that make up our lives.  To bring you back to the feelings you felt in the moment, I always take photos of the details of the surroundings at our session.

newborn baby girl laying in her crib sicking on her finger photo taken between the bars on the crib in lifestyle newborn photos

Surprised at how small she was

Beautiful baby Emma was alert and wiggling in her parents arms.  My own daughter was 9 and a half pounds at birth. So I was actually shocked at how small Emma was being that she was an average size! She was loosely wrapped in a white blanket with pink and gold polka dots on it. She had wiggled enough to get her hands free and they were just poking out the top of the blanket. The feeling of holding a new baby is always so overwhelmingly full of love! The whole time I was photographing close crop of mom holding newborn baby girl while dad kisses the top of baby's head. lifestyle newborn photosEmma and her parents, my heart was melting! I kept looking at the back of my camera and getting excited, showing Cassie and Garrett some of my favorites while I was still working. Sweet, beautiful Emma already has such a strong grip on her parents hearts.

Someday these photos will be memories

I am so grateful for the opportunity to capture these sweet moments for this little family. This time flies by so quickly. Before they know it, these photos will only be a reminder to them of this chapter in their lives. In the blink of an eye, Emma will be taking her first steps. She’ll be getting on the bus for her very first day of school. And then learning to drive… I am so happy they will have these photos to look back on this time.  A time when their baby girl was just so new.

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