Bellevue Fitness Photoshoot

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Bikini competitor poses on the sidewalk in a bold red athletic sport bra and leggings combo
Following Tara’s journey as a bikini competitor

A year ago, I would have had no idea that yesterday I would be working with Tara to create an awesome urban fitness photoshoot with a street style flair. When I first met Tara, we were in grade school and all I really knew about her was that she was a dancer. But for the past year, I’ve been following her journey on Instagram as a bodybuilder and bikini competitor. She began her journey as a bikini competitor in Seattle, and has since taken it with her across the country to Boston. Last weekend, I along with thousands of her followers, watched on IG as Tara performed at her third competition, this time on a national level in Chicago!two side by side photos of a bikini competitor posed in a lifestyle urban street style fitness photoshoot in bellevue washington

Encouraging her fans with kind words

Tara has such a kind and strong heart, which in my eyes is something very important as an influencer. With a quick scroll down her grid, it’s not uncommon to see her encouraging her fans with words such as,

“Surround yourself with good people who lift you up and are happy to see you succeed in what you choose to do. I’ve always found having the right kind of people in your life will keep you on a path of moving forward and becoming and staying a good human being.”

With a confident and determined mindset, Tara will do anything she puts her mind to. All the while, bringing others up to her level along the way. That is definitely the type of person I’d want to surround myself with!

I wasn’t expecting to be working with her so soon

When I reached out to Tara a few days after her show, I wasn’t expecting to be working with her so soon, after all, she does live on the opposite side of the country! It just happened to be perfect timing that she was flying home this weekend to be in a friend’s wedding. So we discussed ideas and booked our session.Bikini Competitor poses for an urban street style photoshoot in Bellevue in front of busy traffic

Capturing her competitive, confident, sassy, and feminine personality

My goal was to capture her personality, which is competitive, confident, sassy, and feminine. With so many bold traits in one person, I had to admit, I was a little nervous! But when we started shooting, I knew the whole session was going to be a success! With a mixture of fitness and street styles in an urban setting, we were able to create photographs that represented Tara’s personality effortlessly!

Walking down the sidewalk like it was a runway

With all the hard work and posing practice she has done in preparation for her shows, Tara was a natural in front of my camera! Wearing red and walking down the middle of the busy sidewalk like it was a runway, she certainly stood out to all passersby. Most people shy away from such bold attention and it’s only natural to want to blend in. But with her natural confidence, Tara fearlessly took to the sidewalk as her stage!Bikini competitor poses on the sidewalk in a bold red athletic sport bra and leggings combo

Confidence is contagious!

When you are around someone who is as confident as Tara, it starts to rub off on you! Confidence really is contagious! We had so much fun running around the streets of Bellevue, getting more and more excited with each photo. Her confidence in me was pushing me to get more creative as we went! By her last outfit change, we had created so much variety in the session. I couldn’t wait to rush home to put the finishing touches on the photographs! Tara’s confidence in herself has inspired me to live up to my own potential, to hold nothing back!

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