The Photoshoot Style Guide

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The All Inclusive Photoshoot Style Guide: A quick guide version

So you’ve booked your session,

Now what??


One of the biggest reasons clients get nervous after booking their session, is because it can be a little overwhelming to step in front of the camera. After all, you’re probably thinking, “What on earth are we supposed to even wear??”

But don’t worry! My goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in yourself and in me. Which is why I’ve created the photoshoot style guide for my clients to use when getting ready for a session. After all, when we look our best, we feel our best! In this blog, I’ve shortened it down to some key bullet points as a quick guide to give you some ideas


Make up:Photoshoot style guide- African American woman looks while standing on the pier in Seattle Washington

  • Wear false lashes to make your eyes “pop” in photos. These are my favorite ones!
  • Don’t forget to bring your lipstick or gloss to your session for touch-ups!



  • Trim and file your nails the day before your sitting
  • If you wear polish, make sure it is fresh with no chipping


Clothing:Bikini Competitor poses for an urban street style photoshoot in Bellevue in front of busy traffic

  • Consider a pastel hue like this one for a dreamy feel!
  • Avoid black! Black and dark colors swallow up light and will pull the color from your face
  • Be careful with patterns, small prints can create distractions in photos, instead, opt for something bold!
  • Stay away from graphics, the last thing you want is for the wording on your shirt to distract from your beautiful face!
  • Choose a pallet of 2-3 colors consisting of neutrals with of course, a fun pop of color



  • You’ve just spent all that time perfecting your outfit(s), don’t forget proper footwear!
  • Avoid tennis/running shoes and flip flops. Instead, opt for a fun sneaker or cute sandals that compliment your outfit!



  • To tame flyaways, spray the palm of your hands with hairspray and gently smooth down any stubborn hairs
  • Consider tying your whole look together by seeing a stylist at your favorite salon



  • Remove ponytail holders from your wrists
  • Choose a bold statement piece, or wear a set of subtle matching earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet.
  • To make your Jewelry sparkle, take them to a jeweler for a quick cleaning, or do it at home with a DIY recipe!



After everything is said and done, no outfit is complete without a smile! So brush, floss and practice that beautiful smile of yours all day long! Did you know smiling has been proven to uplift your mood?? Smile as often as possible leading up to your session to brighten your over all mood during your shoot. Trust me, your photographs will show it!

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